Velvet Antler: A Literature Review
  Velvet Antler: A Literature Review
Authored by Helen J. Batchelder, the senior editor of content and research at and former associate editor of Herbal Research Publication’s Protocol Journal of Botanical Medicine.

The 11-page review succinctly summarizes multicultural use, composition, and indications for use. The final section states, “Velvet antler polysaccharides have been associated with anti-ulcer effects, the choline compounds to hypotensive actions.
Glucosaminoglycans, glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate, have potent anti-inflammatory effects and significant clinical implications in the treatment of osteoarthritis and other degenerative muscle, bone and joint conditions. In addition, studies suggest that peptide growth factors, such as epidermal growth factor, may have a role in wound healing, and may be useful in the estrogen replacement therapies....” A page of citations for research concludes the piece.

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